Application (Project) is made up

Application (Project) is made up of:
=>  Forms - Windows that you create for user interface
=>  Controls - Graphical features drawn on forms to allow user interaction (text boxes, labels, scroll bars,                           command buttons, etc.) (Forms and Controls are objects.)
=>  Properties - Every characteristic of a form or control is specified by a property. Example properties                                 include names, captions, size, color, position, and contents. Visual Basic applies default                                 properties. You can change properties at design time or run time.
=>  Methods - Built-in procedure that can be invoked to impart some action to a particular object.
=>  Event Procedures - Code related to some object. This is the code that is executed when a certain                                           event occurs.
=>  General Procedures - Code not related to objects. This code must be invoked by the application.
=>  Modules - Collection of general procedures, variable declarations, and constant definitions used by                                      application.

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