Time Calculation

1. :- Excel can work with time very easily.
2:- Time can be entered in various different formats and calculations performed.
3:- There are one or two oddities, but nothing which should put you off working with it.

Time Formats :- HH:MM:SS

When time is entered into worksheet it should be entered with a colon between the Hour, Minute and Seconds.

Example 1 :- 10:20:22 , 13:30:01, 23:00:00


Example 2 :- 10:20 AM , 01:30 PM, 11:00 PM

Excel can either the 24 hour or the am/pm system.

Difference between two times

End Time - Start Time  = difference

You may need to reformat the answer.

Adding time

End Time + Start Time  = Answer

=Sum(start Time + End Time)

How To Apply Custom Formatting

 1. Click on the cell which needs the format.

2. Choose the Format menu.
3. Choose Cells.
4. Click the Number tag at the top right.
5. Choose Custom.
6. Click inside the Type: box.
7. Type [hh]:mm as the format.
8. Click Enter or OK to confirm.

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