IF ... Then ... Else and IF ... Then ... ElseIf

The If ... Then ... Else statement is used to define two blocks of conditions - true and false.


     If Age >=22 Then
        Drink = "Yes"
        Drink = "No"
    End If

Note that End If statement is needed in this case as well since there is more than one block of statements

The IF ... Then ... ElseIf is used to test additional conditions without using new If ... Then statements.

For Example:

   If Age >= 18 and Age < 22 Then
        Msgbox "You can vote"
    ElseIf Age >=22 and Age < 62 Then
        Msgbox "You can drink and vote"
    ElseIf Age >=62 Then
        Msgbox "You are eligible to apply for Social Security Benefit"
        Msgbox "You cannot drink or vote"
    End If

Note that the last condition under Else is, implicitly, Age < 18

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